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2018 Policy and Procedure Updates

I AM FULL OF GREAT IDEAS! Or, I think I am full of great ideas. Sometimes an idea in my brain takes a little fine-tuning once it is out in space. And then, sometimes, they’re not so great. That’s life, and with life, business. The front desk team and I are constantly improving and changing methods to best serve you. January is known for its fresh start, so we figured it was a good time to let you know some of our changes!
Due to the influx of gift certificates (thank you!) we have changed some of our scheduling procedures. If you have a prepaid package or gift certificate, you no longer need a credit card on file to book an appointment. 
Each year I think I just have to survive the craziness of December, and then things will slow down. And every year I am wrong. January is a swift kick in the face that reminds me life is always busy. I know this isn’t just in my life. I understand everyone is busy, and that is exactly why you schedule your appointments in advance. We have a 12-hour cancellation policy. This allows you to make changes or cancel your massage without issue, provided we are given more than 12-hour notice. Inside of 12 hours, barring illness or emergency, there is a cancellation fee of the full price of the massage. As always, we would prefer to see you than to not! To help with this, we have implemented confirmation calls 2 days prior to your appointment. This is in addition to the confirmation email 1 day prior. It is our way of making sure you don’t accidentally miss an appointment! If you wish to only have the emails to serve as a reminder, just let us know and we’ll stick to one method of reminder for you.
I am always open to suggestions or ideas or constructive criticism. It’s important that you have a five star experience every time you visit. We ask that if you have the time, to complete a survey after your appointment. If you are new, haven’t been back for awhile, or are seeing a different therapist, we would love your feedback.
Ashley Knuth