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Do You Like Us?

We love Tocca Massage Therapy & Yoga! But, since we ARE Tocca Massage Therapy & Yoga, that’s not really surprising. Do you love us, too? Do you mind sharing your feelings?

Apparently it’s frowned upon to review your own business repeatedly on Google, Facebook and Yelp! We want you to help us. If you can find the time to leave a positive review on one of those venues, we will give you $10.00 off an August massage! If you have already left us a great review, we think you’re the bee’s knees, and your discount is waiting for you!

The discount will apply to only one massage in August. That doesn’t mean you can’t leave us multiple, positive reviews. In fact, we would love it if you love us so much that you simply cannot stop leaving positive reviews!

Thank you for your continuous support. We wouldn’t be here without you, and we’re grateful for you every day! And we’re not just saying that to butter you up before reviewing us, I promise.

Thanks for reading! Hope to see your fantastic face, soon!

To leave a review on Google: Search for “Tocca Massage Therapy” on Google and our business will come up on the right-hand side. Underneath some basic business information you will see “Write a Review” as an option to click on!

Leave a review on Facebook.