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Our Foundation

Tocca Massage & Yoga clients get to be a part of something greater.

Hear from owner/founder Ashley Knuth about their mission to give back…

“When I started Tocca back in 2011 my vision was to be a massage studio that was more than just a massage. I wanted to create something like Toms Shoes and their “buy one, give one” concept. I started small and created a scholarship that was funded by teaching yoga classes and donations. The first year we gave (3) $1,500 college scholarships. The second year gained more momentum and we were able to give away (2) $5,000 scholarships to deserving Brighton High School female Senior athletes.

The scholarship had doubled and it was time to create an official 501(c)(3). My husband and I talked about different names i.e. the Tocca Foundation and the Yoga Strong Foundation. We settled on neither of those. We decided to call the Foundation the Knuth Family Foundation. It represents our last name and we didn’t want to be boxed into just yoga. Someday we may expand beyond Yoga Strong and Brighton High School scholarships 🙂

In 2015, I approached the Cross Country coach about doing yoga with the team. She thought it was a great idea but we needed to get mats. We were about to get 50 mats donated to the team and so it began. I LOVE working with the girls. I get to watch them do things they never thought their body was capable of. To empower them and watch them gain confidence is an amazing feeling! I wanted to do more. So, I created the Yoga Strong Scholarship.”

~Ashley Knuth, Founder/Owner