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Passionate about supporting strong young athletes with scholarship awards, Tocca Massage & Yoga clients get to be a part of something greater with Knuth Family Foundation.

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Hear the story from owner/founder Ashley Knuth about their mission to give back…

My vision has always been to be more than “just” a massage studio. When I started Tocca (way back in 2011), I wanted to start something similar to what Toms Shoes does with their “buy one, give one” concept. In 2015 I approached the Cross County Coach at Brighton High School about doing yoga with the team. She agreed it was a great idea, but we didn’t have access to mats. We were able to get 50 mats donated to the team, and that was the start of a great idea!

I LOVE working with the girls. I get to watch them do things they never thought their bodies were capable of. To empower them and watch them gain confidence is an amazing feeling. I wanted to do more. I am a BHS graduate. I participated in Cross Country all four years. I think dedication and commitment to a sport during your high school career is important. After high school I was fortunate to have my college education paid for by my Dad. Not everyone has that luxury. I see my friends that still have hundreds of dollars in student loan payments each month. I want to help give kids the tools to aim high. When money is less of a factor, it’s easy to focus on the cause at hand. So, I created the Yoga Strong Scholarship.

Originally that’s all we started with. A scholarship. It was funded partially by donations, and partially through donating profits from yoga classes. That first year we gave away three $1500.00 college scholarships. THREE! The second year we picked up speed and were able to award 2, $5000.00 scholarships to two deserving Brighton High School senior athletes. We had more than doubled our financial ability to help!

We were floored and grateful for the growth, but it was time to create an official 501(c)(3). My husband and I debated so many different names. However, time after time we found the names we were coming up with almost boxed us in. We didn’t want to feel restricted by our name in the future. If we include the word “Yoga” or “Brighton”,  does that prevent us from branching out in the future in additional ways to fund-raise? We opted to call it the Knuth Family Foundation. It represents our last name and our permanent commitment to the cause.


~Ashley Knuth, Founder/Owner