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Our Cancellation Policy

Why do we ask for your credit card information when you make an appointment?

We love seeing you, and we know you love seeing us! When you can’t make an appointment, we appreciate 12-hour notice. Anything less than 12 hour-notice will result in a fee. We would MUCH prefer to see you, than to charge you to not see you! But just like your favorite hotel (only better – because MASSAGE) we only have so many spaces. If someone doesn’t show up, someone else missed out on an appointment opportunity.
If you cancel more than 12 hours before your appointment, there is no charge.
If you cancel less than 12, but more than 1 hour before your appointment, we will charge $25
If you no-show, or cancel less than 1-hour prior to your appointment, we will charge the full fee.
This is why we ask for your credit card information when making an appointment.
Have no fear! You can pay at time of service with any method you like! A different credit card, a gift card, cash, whatever! We keep this purely as a method of payment for that one appointment in case you need to be charged.
In conclusion, all you have to do is show up! That goes for appointments, and life! Then there’s nothing to worry about.