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Read what some of our wonderful clients are saying about Tocca Massage Therapy!

As an old fashioned thinker, and admittedly ignorant on the subject, I had always thought that professional massage was something that women do for women or, in certain cases, something that men do for women.

That misconception, coupled with my dislike for being touched by strangers, kept me away from massage for most of my life. Boy was I wrong about massage, and boy did my dislike for being touched change upon my introduction to Ashley Watterson and Tocca Massage. On several occasions, Ashley has effectively worked out the knots, the sore spots, the strains, the pains, and has done it all against a soothing backdrop of pleasant refrains. Moreover, Ashley has helped me to conquer my inhibitions when it comes to being touched, simply through her professionalism and relaxed demeanor. So if you think you could benefit from massage, book a session with Ashley at Tocca Massage – you’ll be happy you did – and your body will thank you, too.

-Jim W., Brighton, MI

Ashley truly has magical hands.

I was in physical therapy for a year and a half to repair a torn hamstring and fractured pelvis. Although my injuries had healed, I was still suffering with tightness and constant pain with the simple movements of attempting to sit or stand. Her deep tissue massage brought relief and now I finally feel like I can resume my daily activities.

– Ellen M., Brighton, MI

Ashley is an expert message therapist. I have been receiving therapy from her for about a year now. I have previously been to many other therapists and found that I receive more relief from her methods than any other massage therapist I have been to.

I have a job with very physical demands and frequently suffer from back pain, and pain and numbness in the extremities (especially at night, when the condition hinders my sleep).

I highly recommend her to anyone! Give her a try!

– Jack L., Hamburg, MI

I am writing this testimonial for Ashley Watterson of Tocca Massage Therapy. I have been having massages from Ashley for a couple of years now. She specializes in deep tissue massage which is extremely important not only for my line of work (I am a personal trainer) but also b/c I have three very active children ages 3 and under and they are constantly using me as a jungle gym.

I’m not sure what I would do without Ashley’s help as I’m always dealing with a new muscle knot! Ashley is able to relieve my weekly pain and also shows me ways to reduce the muscle pain on my own at home.

She is very experienced with pregnancy massage too. I saw Ashley through two of my three pregnancies and would have had a much rougher time during each of those 9 month periods had she not been there to help relieve some of the stressors being placed on my body. After delivery of my 3rd child in November, I had severe lower back pain. I am still working on getting rid of it, but Ashley has helped alleviate 75% of the pain so far!

I would highly recommend Ashley Watterson of Tocca massage for your weekly massage therapy needs. I think so highly of her, that I recommended her to my mom as well who has fibromyalgia. She is now a regular client.

Thank you Ashley!

– Kim K., Brighton, MI

Congratulations, Ashley! Wish you would have done this when I still lived there, but I’m so proud of you. And for those of you who don’t already know, Ashley is an AMAZING massage therapist!!I can’t recommend her highly enough.

– Jen V., Howell, MI

Ashley is a wonderful massage therapist! Her techniques and knowledge of massage therapy really help sore muscles. She is attentive to your needs and makes you comfortable, while working out all the stress and problem areas. I appreciate all she has done to help me, especially through my pregnancy. I would recommend her to anyone!

– Melissa B., Hamburg, MI

I suffered for months with a muscle injury in my shoulder and arm until I saw Ashley. I had almost immediate relief and wished I hadn’t waited so long to see her. She is truely a talented massage therapist and I would highly recommend her to anyone. Thanks, Ash!

– Sally R., Brighton, MI

I had never seen a massage therapist before I met Ashley. She treated a muscle injury in my tricep and shoulder and in one session I was able to use my arm again. She is amazing! I will continue to see her for my massage therapy. No need to wait for an injury to experience her expertice!

– Mark R., Brighton, MI